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B11 Suction Cup Mounting Bracket

B11 Suction Cup Mounting Bracket

Model: [ ext_b11 ]

About The B11 Suction Cup Mounting Bracket

The B11 has a strong metal frame that has adjustable ‘legs’ to raise and lower the light, and a swivel joint, so the light can be placed exactly the right distance from the windshield, side windows, or rear window up to a 90° angle. 3 suction cups hold it tightly to the glass, but also make it quick and easy to place the light in various locations around the interior of your POV, patrol car, or even a utility unit. The suction cups make the light totally portable; you can take it with you to mount it in anything that you’re driving. Screws are included in case you want to remove the suction cups and install it permanently.


  • Versatile, Practical Bracket
  • Easy to Pop ON/OFF
  • Multiple Placement
  • Take It With You

Included in the Box:

  • B11 Suction Cup Mounting Bracket
  • 3 Suction Cups
  • Screws

Use this bracket with the LED Dual, LED Quad, Hex Tag Stick, Oktag Stick, and with several others, too. You can also use it with some third party lights. It’s great for volunteers who don’t want to have an emergency light permanently mounted on their POVs. It’s a great, multifuncional interior bracket.