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What Is the Difference Between Our Mini Light Bars?

When purchasing a light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics, you’re often presented with more choice than you’d usually find from other brands on the internet. This is because we’re proud of our selection and we do our best to give you as much choice…


The Future of Technology in Emergency Response and Management

Emergency response needs to grow and evolve to keep up with the demands of the modern world. As technology develops, it can be utilized and even developed especially for use in emergency response and management, including disaster response. The technology that is used…


The Benefits of Strobe Lights on Construction Vehicles

Strobe lights are most commonly associated with emergency vehicles lights, like the ones used on police cars and ambulances, but they can also benefit construction trucks too. The main aim of any strobe light is to draw attention and, in the case of…


What Are The Main Functions And Sounds Of A Police Siren?

Police sirens play a vital role in ensuring that people on the road and indeed pedestrians are alerted to the presence of a police vehicle. There are many uses and functions of police sirens in emergency situations as well as everyday processes for…


Discover The Tech That’s Revolutionizing LED Light Bars

It’s true to say that LEDs have made the road a safer place. LEDs provide a brighter, whiter light that ensures even the darkest roads can be well lit by car lights. As well as this, LEDs actually use a fraction of the…


Emergency Vehicle Lights for Unmarked Use

Unmarked police cars are usually low-profile, painted in a sort of muted color, and have tinted windows. Anybody driving by a vehicle like this will wonder whether they have come across an unmarked police car. But what kind of emergency vehicle lights do…


What are the Best Emergency LED Strobe Lights for My Motorcycle

Whether you’re an emergency responder or someone that regularly uses emergency LED strobe lights for personal reasons, it’s important to have the correct lights installed on your motorcycle to ensure that you’re getting the best visibility possible. If you’re in the market for…


New Dual Color Surface Mount Lights

Dual color LED lights are set to revolutionize the world of first responders. LEDs are the brightest lights available on the market, and now a new fantastic exciting feature will ensure that they are even more useful to drivers and owners of first…


A Guide To Buying Amber Emergency Vehicle Lights

Emergency vehicle lights are an essential tool that millions of people need to use as part of their work or voluntary duties. However, it’s a subject that many people struggle with. Who needs amber emergency vehicle lights? Who can use them? Which lights…


Can Civilians Use Police Flashing Lights?

You would think that the laws regarding civilian use of police flashing lights would be simple to understand. After all, these are emergency lights and should only be used in accordance with the situation and the authority of whoever is driving the car,…

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