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How Many Emergency Vehicle Lights Should I Put On My POV?

Emergency lights being used on a personal operating vehicle (POV) can be a contentious subject. Some people believe that emergency lights should be restricted to emergency vehicles only. Others contend that emergency lights on a POV can be justified, and help to both…


Benefits of LED Strobe Lights on Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles need lighting to warn both other vehicles and pedestrians that they are coming. Lights help to clear a path for emergency vehicles, legitimizing them in people’s eyes and helping to show anyone from criminals to people waiting for medical attention that…


What Volunteer Firefighters Need to Know Before Buying LED Emergency Lights

Many volunteer firefighters want to buy an LED light bar as soon as they become a member of a department. We understand, it’s exciting.Volunteers are eager to serve their community and want equipment that will help them get to calls as quickly as…


Are Police Cracking Down on Firefighters Using Interior Emergency Lights?

Are Police Cracking Down on Firefighters Using Interior Emergency Lights? In 2015, Pennsylvania State Police made national news. Why? Troopers started issuing warnings to volunteer and career firefighters for using interior emergency vehicle lights. Why did this occur? According to state police, interior…


Go Off-Road with LED Light Upgrades

If you’re ready to go off-road at night, you need the right lights. Unless you’re driving a top-of-the-line SUV, your factory lighting leaves a lot to be desired once you go off-road. There’s a ton of ways to install more light on your…


Popular LED Warning Lights for Tractors

Is your tractor your work vehicle? If it is, we understand you don’t work a 9 to 5 job. You get up before the sun rises and sometimes don’t go inside until the sun has set for the night. What this means is…


Tow Truck Lighting Requirements

Tow trucks need warning lights on the exterior and interior of their rig. High-intensity white and amber-flashing LED lights will warn motorists when a tow truck driver is “at work.” Whether braving snowy roads to pull a minivan out of the ditch, or…


What’s it like to be a Volunteer Firefighter?

Volunteer firefighters are found in small and large communities across the US. People like you and me count on volunteers to fulfill essential duties. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that near 70-percent of firefighters take on this responsibility in a volunteer role.…


Can the Red Cross Use Emergency Lights on Response Vehicles?

The American Red Cross is called into action whenever disaster strikes. Whether a hurricane or tornado has wreaked havoc on an area, or a family has lost everything due to a house fire, American Red Cross workers respond. These individuals climb into emergency…


Drones allow Firefighters to train better and save lives faster

By now, everyone has heard the term drone. Whether watching the news and seeing how the military uses this technology or people watching at the park, you’ve probably learned a few things about these unmanned aerial vehicles. But, have you ever considered how…

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