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Do You Need an LED Light Bar or Visor Light?

Fill Size Light Bar

When setting up police cruisers and fire department trucks, one of the best options is going to be an LED light bar on the rooftop. While this is ideal for these vehicles, there are some situations where a visor light may be a…


Ideas For Creating a Well-Balanced LED Light Set-Up

You’ve done all the research! You know what color and types of lights are allowed to be used in your state on your POV or department vehicle. Now you are ready to create a well-balanced LED light set-up. But how do you start?…


Visor Light or Dash Light – Which is Better?

LED Visor vs LED Dash Lights

One of the most popular light types in our inventory is LED dash lights and visor lights. When shopping for emergency lighting, you’ll probably want to choose one of these units to add to your set-up. But, how do you know which one…


Tow Truck Fails – Drivers that Should Have Called a Professional

Tow trucks are packed with specialized equipment that allows them to retrieve vehicles safely and efficiently. Everything from the boom on a truck to the warning lights plays an important role in the driver’s ability to retrieve a vehicle quickly and safely. Unfortunately,…


Cool Fire Truck Holiday Lights

Many little boys, and some big boys too, get excited when they see fire trucks with lights going down the road! Seeing a fire truck with lights and sirens blaring is exciting. But, seeing a fire truck decked out with its emergency lights…


Little Truckie Fire Truck Bedroom Design

We love to watch emergency light demo videos! Today, we came across an unusual firefighter bedroom design video that was too cute not to share! Jacob is a little boy who loves firefighters! Like most parents, Jacob’s mom and dad wanted his bedroom…