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We Carry LED Hideaway Strobe Lights for any Vehicle

We Carry LED Hideaway Strobe Lights for any Vehicle
From Strobe Tube Light Kits to LED Hideaways Extreme Tactical Dynamics offer some great strobe lights. Check out our strobe tube kit and our selection of the newest in 3 watt LED technology Hideaways. Make sure to click on an item to see a description and to see a video of these strobe lights in action.

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 ANT 6-3 LED Hideaway Strobe   ANT 6-3 LED Hideaway Strobe
Our ANT 6-3 LED hideaway strobe light is very easy to install and will provide you with visibility that you need to stay seen anywhere you go.
 $42.96  Buy Now 
 LED Hideaway 8   LED Hideaway 8
Order the LED hideaway 8 from ETD and enjoy visibility, syncability, and ease of use. Install quickly in a 1-inch hole and use with confidence.
 $44.96  Buy Now 
 LED Hideaway 9   LED Hideaway 9
The LED Hideaway 9 is easy to install and delivers 27-watts of amazing output. Choose the right color for your set-up and receive everything you need to install right away.
 $99.96  $47.96  Buy Now 
 ANT 6-6 LED Hideaway Strobe   ANT 6-6 LED Hideaway Strobe
The ANT 6-6 hideaway light will be the perfect addition to your vehicle's equipment set-up. Increase your visibility without spending a ton in our online store.
 $52.96  Buy Now 
 65 Watt 2 Head Strobe Tube Kit   65 Watt 2 Head Strobe Tube Kit
Our 65 Watt Strobe Tube Kit features two bulbs, a power pack, and control box in a cost effective strobe light package.
 $84.96  Buy Now 
 80 Watt 4 Head Strobe Tube Kit   80 Watt 4 Head Strobe Tube Kit
An 80 Watt power pack controls our 4 head Strobe Light Kit, and everything you need to install is included. Light up your vehicle with this emergency strobe hideaway light system.
 $117.96  Buy Now 
 120 Watt 6 Head Strobe Tube Kit   120 Watt 6 Head Strobe Tube Kit
This strobe kit uses 6 bulbs to create 120-watts of bright light, each bulb has its own 15 foot cable for easy reach to any hideaway space.
 $128.96  Buy Now 
 Strobe Tube Kit and Lights   Strobe Tube Kit and Lights
Our strobe tube kit and lights will deliver bright visibility you need to stay safer in the field. Adjust the strobe kit to meet your emergency lighting needs easily.
 $134.96  Buy Now 
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