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ET-20 LED Dash Light
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ET-20 LED Dash Light
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The ET 20 LED dash light is the top of the Extreme Tactical Dynamics line in three-watt third generation LED lighting for police cars, fire response trucks, and other emergency services vehicles. Boasting 18 flashing lights and two takedown lights, the ET 20 dash light produces the highest visibility available in an LED dash light; this is due to the highly advanced three-watt bulbs incorporated into the design. Flashing in groups of three, the bulbs can produce a wide range of flash patterns to suit any need or preference; a convenient pattern switch allows adjustment of the flash pattern at the touch of a button. The ET 20 LED dash light is available in multiple color configurations including blue, red, white and red combinations and blue and red combinations. The takedown lights are spaced evenly and located in a central location on the bar, with six flashers on each side and six between; this allows a wider lighting pattern and produces better visibility for first responders.

One of the newest additions to the LED dash light market, the ET 20 LED dash light offers exceptional portability for a light of its size. LED technology ensures that the ET 20 is lightweight and easy to install with the included suction cups; it is powered via a cigarette or power point plug and includes a control box and convenient on-off switch for easy use any time it is needed. The integrated flashback guard is bolted to the device, but can be removed if necessary; when in place, the flashback guard shields the driver and passengers inside the vehicle from the effects of the brilliant flashing lights while maintaining full effectiveness outside the vehicle. The takedown lights are independently controlled and offer excellent visibility for police officers and first responders.

Even in cramped spaces, the ET 20 LED dash light runs cool and does not create excess heat inside the vehicle; this is due to advanced LED technologies that use chemical reactions to produce light rather than the heat-producing incandescent or halogen bulbs previously used in emergency lighting. The true strength of the ET 20, however, is in the sheer amount of high-intensity light it produces; each of its 20 bulbs boasts a light output of over 176 lumens, making this one of the brightest emergency lights available. The light output of the ET 20 rivals that of rooftop strobe lightbars and can be seen at about the same distance, helping to ensure the highest degree of safety for the public and for first responders alike.

The high tech design of the ET 20 LED dash light is only rivaled by its reliability and durability. LED lights offer exceptional longevity and can stand up to minor shocks and bumps easily, making the ET 20 a practical choice for storage in the trunk or back seat when not in use. This flexibility and ease of use makes the ET 20 a solid choice for first response agencies and a practical addition to any emergency lighting system. Extreme Tactical Dynamics is proud to supply the ET 20 LED dash light for use by police departments and first responders throughout the United States.

  • LED technology
  • Able to be interiorly mounted
  • Available in split/solid color choices
  • Two takedown lights
  • 18 flashing lights
  • Portable
  • Won't create excess heat
  • Pattern switch
  • Wide lighting pattern
ET-20 LED Visor Light Dimensions

Product Reviews

Current Reviews: 3
David - 09/19/2012 5 of 5 Stars!
Incredibly bright, this light bar is just as bright as any roof-top bar I've seen. It is compact enough to mount above the rear view mirror and 3 sections of flash guard can be removed individually for the best fit and reduced flashback. My only wish is that the takedowns could be turned on without the rest of the bar flashing and have controls mounted on the back of the lightbar instead of in-line with the power plug.
Joseph - 05/16/2011 5 of 5 Stars!
I ordered the ET-20 LED on the 12th and it arrived on the 16th; I couldn't believe how quickly it was processed and shipped! It is honestly the brightest light that I've seen. A little problem with the suction cup mounts, but that's just because my windshield is so concave. I'll definitely order from ETD again.
kevin - 09/30/2010 5 of 5 Stars!
im a fire fighter in ontario. i have et-7, undercover 8, and deck 2 dual in my 09 ram. all my lights are green. love everyone of them. i see there is a et-20 showed the guys at my station they love it. one problem doesnt come in green. extreme tactcal dynamics please make them in green!!