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LED Stealth 6 Visor Light Bar

LED Stealth 6 Visor Light Bar
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With the Purchase of our LED Stealth 6 Visor Light Bar you will receive one FREE pair of ECHO48 Surface Mount LED Lights! (*please note* The color you recieve will match the color of the Stealth 6 you ordered.)

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Introducing the LED Stealth 6 Visor Light Bar from Extreme Tactical Dynamics. Our LV-100-L6 Visor Light with a Linear Lens can be mounted on the visor of any patrol car or fire fighting vehicle for maximum visibility, and the advantages of equipping your vehicles with these are numerous. This versatile undercover Light Bar stores 26 different memory patterns including cycle, side by side, in and out, chasers, all, split and random. For emergency response customers in California it even has the capability to flash a steady two or four. The 60 LEDs provide extra brightness using one-watt LEDs. You can power it using the included cigarette lighter plug or it can be hard wired to the vehicle's siren box.

  • 1 LED Stealth 6 Visor Light Bar
  • Your color choice with clear outer lenses
  • Takedown white LED lights (Optional)
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • Digital Control with LED Indicator to see which pattern your light is on.
  • Complete directional included.
  • Universal Visor Mounts included
  • Consists of Driver side and Passenger Side Units.
  • Total of 60 One Watt LEDs

These sleek light bars are the perfect choice for law officers, firefighters and other emergency personnel. The smaller size of the LV-100-L6 makes it more lightweight and convenient than a traditional Light Bar and it takes up less space. It uses less power, making it environmentally friendly and a truly "green" way of providing more light when it's needed. The visor-mounted unit, with the option of removing it at will, makes it a good choice for undercover officers.

Its polycarbonate housing ensures accurate shining direction and provides a snug fit against the windshield. Plus, the strength of polycarbonate will stand up to even the toughest of abuse. The manufacturer's warranty gives you the peace of mind knowing that if anything should go wrong or malfunction, we stand behind our product 100 percent. They are weatherproof and can stand up to freezing temperatures or high heat without damage. Their extra-bright LED bulbs help emergency personnel on the job by throwing light far and wide enough to easily see and be seen.

Their economical and versatile aspects can be seen in how long they last and how they can be used. Compared to traditional bulbs in older models of light bars, they can operate for longer periods of time without depleting the car battery. They are dependable wherever backup power is in short supply and time is of the essence.

Emergency work is dangerous enough without struggling to get the job done with inadequate lighting. Our mini light bars increase safety by illuminating the way for officers and citizens alike. Responding to a call with the LV-100-L6 mounted inside the vehicle helps secure the area in high-risk situations.

Police, fire and paramedic vehicles have an important role in keeping the community safe. With that in mind, why take chances with a fleet of vehicles equipped with older light bars that might not do the job? No matter what the size of your fleet the LV-100-L6 Visor Light with Linear Lens is a cost-conscious way to meet the lighting standards and requirements of all your vehicles.

These units are the cutting edge of technology and the wave of the future. Your police officers, firefighters and EMTs deserve nothing but the best when responding to a situation. Let us partner with you to help ensure they have the superior vehicle emergency lighting they need.

LED Stealth 6 Visor Light Bar Specifications

  • Digital LED Controller
  • Cigarette Lighter plug is included but not necessary
  • 26 Different Patterns
  • (60) 1 Watt GEN III LED’s (Extremely Bright) (Do not Look Directly at Light as these are the brightest LED’s made
  • Low current do not have to worry about a dead battery
  • Ready for use out of the box
  • Interior Use Only
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions 17” Long (Per Unit Side) x 6.5” deep at widest point x 1.5” high
  • Universal Headliner Mounting Brackets included

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