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Digital Power Switch

Digital Power Switch
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The Digital Power Switch from Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

The Extreme Tactical Dynamics Digital Power Switch controls multiple lighting devices, including LED Strobes, strobe lights, led beacons, and many more for on-road tactical necessities.

Independently Installed Fuses

The Digital Power Switch unit controls up to 6 different sets of warning lights at a time or all at once. Each switch port draws up to 15 amps of power and is independently installed with a 15 amp fuse, leaving other warning light devices operational in the event of a blown fuse.

Backlight Illumination and Unit Customization

Each controller button is installed with an always-on backlight for use in the evenings or low-lit areas to safely find a button to turn on a device. When a device is switched on from the controller, the button is illuminated red showing which set is running and which is not operational. The unit comes with a pre-printed sheet of lighting options to customize the controller unit's backlit buttons for immediate access.

  • Ability to run multiple light heads.
  • 1 year component warranty


  • Ability to run multiple light heads.
  • 1 year component warranty
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