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ET-7 Dash Light

ET-7 Dash Light
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The ET 7 Police light bar and Fire light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics is truly an amazing sight to behold. This Emergency Vehicle Light bar is the only LED dash light bar in the market place that we are aware of that uses 3 WATT Led modules and optics lenses to increase the Brightness of the light bar. Your package will contain:

  • 1 ET 7 LED Dash Light Bar
  • Your color choice LED’s with clear outer lenses
  • Take down light with independent switch.
  • Cigarette Lighter plug
  • On/Off Switch
  • Pattern Switch
  • 2 Suction Cup mounts included with your order.

By far this is the brightest LED Dash Light we have seen in the market place even compared to the bigger more expensive names. This Police light bar and fire light uses (6) 3 WATT Generation 3 LED’s they produce Lumens output of more than 176 Lumens per bulb. Guranteed to give you the light you need. Furthermore we have added a 7th LED light dedicated strictly for take down lighting purposes. This additional 7th light is in the center of the unit and is independent of the other LED lights and can be turned on and off separately from the other lights. You are sure to love this takedown light.

The ET 7 dash light bar Comes in a few color options with the takedown light included on all units. The unit includes a cigarette lighter plug and control box. This unit also has a flashback guard that is bolted to the unit for a snug fit. This can be removed if you wanted to. The unit also includes suction cup mounts so you can mount to your windshield.

Check out the ET 7 dash light bar today we are introducing it at $149.99 and will be moving this price up within the next 30days. We are running it at cost to get it into the market and get people talking about it.


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