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LED Traffic Advisors warning strobe lights

LED Traffic Advisors warning strobe lights
From 1 WATT TIR and Linear style LEDs with our priority one optics to 3 WATT LEDs we offer a great selection of LED Traffic Advisor warning lights. These strobe lights will get the traffic moving in the direction you need it to move. With great power these warning lights draw very little power. Take a look at our below listed products and videos of each.

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 Hex Stick LED Deck Traffic Advisor   Hex Stick LED Deck Traffic Advisor
The Hex Stick traffic advisor can also be used as a powerful LED dash light. We even include the controller, for immediate plug and play use.
 $149.96  Buy Now 
 OKTAG Stick LED Traffic Advisor   OKTAG Stick LED Traffic Advisor
Buy the Oktag LED traffic advisor from us and you can expect powerful visibility that will get you noticed on the road and everything you need to install immediately.
 $179.96  Buy Now 
 Chameleon 4 Dual Color Traffic Advisor   Chameleon 4 Dual Color Traffic Advisor
Dual color technology which allows you to switch from directional to code lights in a matter of seconds is possible with the Chameleon 4 dual color traffic advisor.
 $182.96  Buy Now 
 Chameleon 6 Dual Color Traffic Advisor   Chameleon 6 Dual Color Traffic Advisor
The Chameleon 6 dual color traffic advisor allows you to combine directional arrow lighting and code lighting into one piece of easy to use LED emergency vehicle light.
 $234.96  Buy Now 
 Chameleon Traffic Advisor   Chameleon Traffic Advisor
Our Chameleon traffic advisor is the largest in this collection. Expect to be able to direct and move traffic easily when you purchase this all in one unit.
 $294.96  Buy Now 
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