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Double L Mounting Bracket Side by Side

Double L Mounting Bracket Side by Side

Model: [ ext_B2brkt ]

About The Double L Mounting Bracket Side by Side

Besides the Single and Double Stack brackets, ETD gives you a 3rd choice of brackets, the Side by Side. Mount 2 lights next to each other with this bracket. It’s perfect to permanently mount lights on push bumpers, in fact, anywhere you want on your vehicle that has a flat surface. It’s made of high-grade aluminum that doesn’t rust. There are 2 larger holes for wires equidistant from the ends of the plate, and 2 sets of 2 smaller holes to either side to mount the lights to the vertical frame. The base plate also has pre-drilled holes for quick and simple attachment to the surface.


  • Sturdy Surface Mount Bracket
  • Rust Resistant Aluminum
  • Pre-drilled Holes

Included in Box:

  • Double L-Bracket Side by Side

Create your own custom light configurations with the Single, Double Stack, and Double Side by Side L-Brackets and light up your first-responder vehicle just the way you want it.