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Easily Install A Police Strobe Kit

Not every emergency light kit is easy to install. In fact, many of them come with pages and pages of instructions and long wires that need to be connected in such a way that it can take hours and hours to install. If you need some basic lights, a police strobe kit can be the perfect solution. Part of the reason that this is a popular choice is because of how easy they are to install.

police strobe kitThe police strobe kit typically comes with a 90 watt power supply, four strobe tubes and four wiring harnesses (one for each bulb). These will get fed directly into the lights that are currently in place on your vehicle. This means that you can replace the headlights and taillights and use the strobe lights instead.

What’s nice about the police strobe tube kit is that the tubes or light bulbs are plug and play. This means that there is nothing that requires hardwiring to the main electrical system or anything like that. As soon as you pop off the clear acrylic light covers on your vehicle, the entire installation can take a matter of minutes.

When you’re looking for simple lights that will tell people that you are a police officer or other emergency vehicle at a crime scene, special event or other place, these lights will be very effective. Because they are LEDs, they don’t give off a lot of heat and the light is very concentrated.

What you won’t use a police strobe for is chasing people down the highway. These are smaller lights and they will typically flash white, not any other color. Therefore people won’t be able to see them when you are racing down the highway. If you want a light that will attract someone’s attention, then you need a light bar that you can place on your grill, dash or roof of your car.

police strobe kitThat being said, you can install a police strobe kit faster than many other light kits available. It’s important to note that these are for police vehicles, though – not to make your personal vehicle look cool. Strobe kits are regulated, so use caution when you purchase them.

You can find videos online or follow the included instruction manual to make short work of the police strobe kit installation. From there, you can have flashing strobes in place of your headlights and taillights with the flip of a switch.