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Emergency vehicle lights for the interior and exterior of vehicles

Emergency vehicles are used round the clock by police, fire services, and ambulances. These special service vehicles screech their way across the streets conveying to all other vehicles that they have a special monopoly on the road at that point of time. To make themselves conspicuous, these vehicles use a variety of emergency vehicle lights. These emergency vehicle lights come in various shapes, and may be mounted anywhere on the vehicle.

LED QuadThe most common type of LED emergency vehicle warning lights used, especially by the police, are emergency light bars that are mounted on the roof of the vehicles. These will have four colors, red, blue, amber and white within it. These multicolored light bars can be used as warning lights and can also be used for traffic direction control, as required. As emergency vehicles span a broad spectrum in size and speed ability, emergency vehicle lights come in equally varied sizes, ranging from 21” to 67” in length. Most models have an aluminum frame and all are waterproof. Hermetically sealed modules are also available among these external emergency vehicle lights. Halogen lights are used in most of them and manufacturers offer a variety of flash patterns as well.

Interior emergency vehicle lights also combine in them myriad patterns, and these are more commonly used for undercover operations. Under cover vehicles go without conspicuous lights much of the time and activate their emergency vehicle lights only when they feel it is time to announce their presence. Interior emergency lights are available for mounting at the passenger side, inside the windshield, or on the windows. They come with different types of mounting brackets that make it easy to fit them anywhere.

Linear LEDThere are even interior emergency vehicle lights that can be mounted into seat belt fasteners. Interior lights generally have rubber gaskets around, which will prevent the interior of the vehicle getting flooded with light, and also remove the possibility of any rattling sound within the vehicle. There are also interior emergency vehicle lights that can be mounted on the rear side of the vehicle or on the rear window. These are designed to emit bright warning lights without affecting the driver’s rear vision.

Interior emergency vehicle lights come in different color combinations. There are interior lights, which can only be used as warning lights while there are also lights with red, blue, amber and white colors. In some of the interior lights used for undercover operations, modes can be switched by pressing a button. When used in the warning mode, the red and blue lights will become active. When switched to its traffic control mode, the amber light will become active and can be used to direct traffic if the police is using the light.

Another category of emergency vehicle lights is mini light bars, variously known as half bars, or mini bars, which though used less by police as emergency vehicle lights, are used a lot by towing trucks, at construction sites, and private individuals involved in any form of rescue operations. Most of these have magnetic mounts that let them be mounted anywhere inside or outside a vehicle. However, these also come with other mounting options like suctions cups, and nuts and bolts. Most of these have an aluminum base, and many types have free form reflectors as well. Customers are given abundant customization choices in the colors, flash pattern, and mounting mechanism of these small emergency vehicle lights.