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Fire Light Bars

Light bars are the most commonly warning light used by emergency vehicles including fire trucks. To learn more about fire light bars, keep reading below.

Fire Light Bars

A Variety of Fire Light Bars is Available on the Emergency Vehicle Equipment Market

Fire Light BarsFor the same reasons that there are a variety of different emergency vehicles available to first responders, there are also a variety of light bars to choose from as well. For instance, when selecting a light bar, first responders can choose between LED and traditional bulbs, and a variety of sizes too.

How to Choose the Right Light Bar for Your Fire Department Vehicle

When determining what light bar is right for your fire department vehicle, you have to consider several factors. First, how much room do you have on the roof of your vehicle for fire light bars? Secondly, what colors are you legally allowed emitting, and lastly, how much money do you have in your budget to spend?

What Type of Light Bars are Appropriate for Volunteer Firefighters Personal Vehicles?

Fire Light BarsVolunteer firefighters are regulated by state statutes. To determine what lights are appropriate for your rig, you must consult state statutes.

To Buy the Best Light Bar for Vehicles in a Fire Department Fleet; Shop Online

When you shop online, buying fire light bars is easy. In fact, doing this allows buyers to compare prices, features, and therefore get the best fire light bars for the best prices.

Are Light Bars Designed to be installed on the Roof of a Vehicle Only?

Traditionally, fire light bars are made to be installed on the roof of a vehicle. However, as lighting has evolved so have installation options. Today, fire light bars don’t have to install solely on the roof of a vehicle.

Where Else Can a Light Bar be Installed?

In fact, light bars can be installed directly into the headliner of a vehicle, or buyers can opt for dash and deck lights.