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Firefighter Lights

A fire engine uses loud noises and bright lights to let pedestrians and drivers know it is near. Many may hear the sound of the engine and realize that a large vehicle wants to pass, but when the sirens and flashing lights go on, the context changes. The law requires people to yield the right of way to emergency vehicles like ambulances or fire engines. Most of the time it is best if other drivers can move their vehicles off the road until the emergency vehicle has passed. Most states enforce this law through fines. For example, if a vehicle parks in such a way as to obstruct the passage of an emergency vehicle, the driver may be assessed a fine.

Firefighter LightsThis is why new drivers are always instructed to never park in front of fire hydrants. Emergency vehicles have their sirens on for a purpose; it is to let people know that an emergency is in progress. The right sirens can make all the difference, and fire engine sirens are known for being especially noisy. Professional and volunteer fire departments need good quality sirens in order to do their jobs.

In the old days, firefighter lights used to consist of a light and a rotating bell-shaped mirror to reflect the light and create the characteristic flash. Today, advances in technology allows alternating light fixtures to create the same effect. Computer controls program the lights to flash in particular patterns. Sirens and lights on a fire truck need to be in top condition. The old-fashioned lights were inefficient and wasteful, quickly using up the battery on a fire truck. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has solved this problem because LED lights use much less electricity to generate a greater amount of light.

Firefighter LightsLED firefighter lights give a fire engine more light to work with. Not only are the lights brighter but because the LEDs can be programmed by computer, sophisticated patterns can be created. The primary purpose of firefighter lights and sirens is to make people get out of the way quickly so the firefighters can get to the fire and put it out. LED technology helps them do that by making the lights more powerful and much brighter. Drivers will be able to see the truck coming from further away, cutting down on awkward incidents in traffic. Firefighter lights are an essential part of the job.