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How Police Use An Emergency Light

emergency lightsIf a person is driving on the interstate and he or she sees a police car behind his or her car with its emergency lights on and flashing, then that person knows that he or she needs to pull over to the side of the road. Even if this is typically common knowledge, there is no doubt that there are a few people who do not know more about what other situations in which a police officer may use his or her emergency light. Many different situations call for emergency lights. In fact, there are different colors available for different situations. For example, when a police officer flashes his or her red emergency light, then he or she is telling others that there is an emergency and one should be cautious around it. If a police officer were to flash a blue light, it simply means that police are nearby. White lights are often used during the night shift to brighten dark areas when that officer is after someone. When a police officer flashes his or her yellow light, this means that patrol cars are parked on the road or patrol cars are slowing down and any following cars should do so as well.

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Help Other City Departments

Police officers have to follow a certain protocol when it comes to using an emergency light. However, this protocol varies from state to state. There are certain situations in which a police officer is forced to his or her emergency lights. This is typically accepted in every state. One common use for emergency lights involves the need to help other city and state departments.

A police officer has the freedom to turn on his or her emergency lights in order to help city departments. For example, that police officer may need to lead an engine to a dangerous fire. In addition, an emergency light may be used in order to help an ambulance get through traffic that is typically tight during rush hour. Other uses include the need for emergency lights for the water and sewer division. An emergency may arise and the crew may need a little protection around a dangerous work site if there is a lot of traffic nearby.

Travel to a Call

emergency lightsA police officer has the freedom to use an emergency warning light whenever he or she needs to follow a police call. Many may already know this as one of the more traditional uses of emergency lights. For example, the officer will turn on his or her emergency lights in order to weave through traffic. It may be extremely important for that police officer to arrive at his or her destination as soon as possible. A police officer may also use emergency lights in order to gain the attention of a driver who has disobeyed traffic laws. The officer must convince the driver to pull over to the side of the road.