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Police Lights - Fire Lights - How to Choose the Best Fire Lights for Sale

How to Choose the Best Fire Lights for Sale

Fire Lights for SaleFire lights are warning lights used on fire engines. However, this isn’t the type of purchase you can simply walk into a store and buy. This is true because emergency fire lights are a specialty item that takes a bit of research to complete.

Consult Formal State Statutes before You Begin Searching for Fire Lights for Sale

Most importantly, before you purchase lights for your fire engine, you need to make sure you are legally allowed to use those lights. This can be done by researching local state statutes.

What Color Emergency Lights are Appropriate for Use on Fire Engines?

In statutes, firefighters will be able to easily determine what color warning lights are appropriate for their vehicle.

Most Popular Fire Lights are Red and White

In general, the most common fire lights are red and white.

What Type of Lights are Most Commonly Used on Fire Trucks?

Most fire trucks will have a rooftop light bar and a variety of other lights.

Can Volunteer Firefighters Use Fire Lights too?

In most states, volunteer firefighters are also allowed to use fire lights.

What Types of Lights can Volunteers Use?

When searching for fire lights for sale, volunteers also need to search state statutes for the proper type of lights.

When do Firefighter Lights have to be Replaced?

How often firefighter lights will need replaced will depend on what type of lights are purchased.

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