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Types of Fire Lights

No matter how big or small your emergency light budget is, you can find fire lights created with LED technology. There is a variety of firefighter lighting options on the market today, and LED lights offer the best advantages.

Popular Fire Truck Lights

The lights above are ideal for use on fire trucks, fire department vehicles, and POVs too. But, not all fire-related cars and trucks on the road will use all of the lighting mentioned here. Before buying any of these lights for use on the road, you must check state laws first. Below, we will go over the benefits of the different types of lights for firefighters. You can also discover popular volunteer firefighter lights here.

Dash Lights for Firefighters

Interior dash lights are perfect for use in fire department vehicles and POVs. By design, a dash light plugs into a cigarette lighter socket for plug and play action. The light can then be stored in the trunk of a vehicle when not in use. When installed this unit gives forward facing light that moves traffic and gets firefighters to the station faster. Dash lights are easy to install, need no drilling, and can be used with just a few buttons from the back of the unit. When you choose an LED dash light, you’ll get flash patterns and split or solid color combinations. Most dash lights on the market run on 12-volts of power and can be pre-programmed with up to 30 flash patterns.

Traffic Advisors Make Scenes More Manageable

Fire Truck Light Bar

Many firefighters add 12 to 24-volt traffic advisors to their emergency light set-up to help direct traffic on scenes. The best traffic advisors have up to 26 pre-programmed flash patterns. Operating traffic advisors is also easy and can be done from the interior of a vehicle via a switch box. Like dash lights, many traffic bars come with a cigarette lighter plug, but can be wired to a switch too. Traffic advisors are ideal for fire department vehicles that don’t have a directional arrow built into their rooftop light bar. If a vehicle already has a light bar with directional capabilities a separate traffic advisor is not needed. Many volunteers put this type of lighting on their POVs to help direct traffic at a scene, especially if they use their private vehicles to travel to scenes.

Fog Lights and Wigwags are Cheap Firefighter Lights that Pack a Big Punch


Fog lights and wigwags are cheap and allow firefighters to increase their visibility at a low cost in any department vehicle. These units usually run on 12-24 volts of power and can be purchased in traditional warning light colors. Fog lights and wigwags let firefighters install lights in existing headlights or taillights. The use of a switch box with fog lights and wigwags makes it easy to use this equipment from the interior of the vehicle. Wigwags and fog lights are not usually used when a vehicle is in motion, but are a great way to increase awareness when a vehicle is parked at scenes or while a person is directing traffic.

Full-Size Light Bars Command Attention on the Road

An exterior LED light bar is the shining star of any online emergency light retailer’s inventory and a must have for traditional fire trucks. The light bar provides 360-degrees of incredible light in popular fire department colors. Light bars from ETD also pack an incredible amount of LEDs, have impressive flash patterns, and come in a variety of split or solid color combos. Full-size light bars need to be wired to a switch box and can easily be controlled from the interior of a vehicle. A full-size unit is ideal for large trucks. Volunteers can also use of a light bar on their POV. If a full-size unit is too large, they may want to consider a visor light or mini light bar.

Fire Trucks Should Use LED Lights

Today, LED warning lights are the right choice for firefighters because they shine brightly and last about 100,000 hours. Many of the light types above are also available with incandescent and halogen bulbs, but they don’t offer the same visibility or lifespan of LED lighting. Firefighter LED lights are also not prone to breakage and vibration which makes them more reliable. Since firefighters count on their gear to get them to scenes quickly, they can’t afford to use lights that aren’t reliable.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics customer service will help with any questions you have about firefighter lights. Our online store gives tips, guides for installation, usage, and much more. Whether you need a single firefighter light set-up or lights for a fleet of fire trucks, you need to contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics today.