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Bumper Mounted TIR LED Lights Wiring and Installation Guide

Your safety and the durability of these lights depends on proper installation, wiring, and usage. To ensure you get these lights installed correctly, we recommend you hire an emergency vehicle technician to install these lights. Please read the following document before beginning any installation or wiring instructions. You should also print this document and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Unbox Bumper Mounted Lights

Before you begin installation of these LED lights, you need to unbox the items. In the box, you will receive:

  • 2 lights
  • A digital controller
  • 15 feet of appropriate cable
  • Bolts designed for bumper mounting

Bumper Light Mounting Instructions

  • Locate an area on your bumper for light installation
  • Place light against bumper
  • Mark mounting holes
  • Drill mounting holes
  • Drill centered hole for wire passage
  • Use bumper bolts to secure light

Wiring Instructions for Bumper Mounted LED Lights

  • Install digital controller in easy to reach location
  • Make sure to check dimensions of digital controller to ensure you have room for installation (the screw located on the back of the digital controller is 3”)
  • Locate red and black wires
  • Connect red wire to switch box
  • Connect black wire to ground source

Contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics with any wiring or installation issues and we will be happy to help you.

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