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Deck 2 Dual Wiring and Installation Instructions

The Deck 2 Dual LED lights are weatherproofed for exterior or interior installation. For best results, and to protect the integrity of your emergency light set-up as well as your manufacturer warranty, we recommend these LED lights be installed by an emergency vehicle technician. If you install your emergency lights yourself, it is important to remember that most installation failures are caused by improper wiring or battery connections. The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to repeat the steps mentioned below.

Deck 2 Dual Emergency Light Mounting Tips

  • Unbox Deck 2 Dual lights and hardware
  • Locate the L mount brackets
  • Choose a location for your dash and deck light installation
  • Mark mounting holes (use masking tape to mark holes)
  • Drill marked mounting holes
  • Drill hole for wires
  • De-burr holes to protect wires and remove debris
  • Insert wires
  • Install Deck 2 Dual lights with hardware included with purchase

Deck 2 Dual Rear ViewDeck 2 Dual Basic Wiring Instructions

To power the Deck 2 Dual LED lights, you will need to locate the unit’s red and black wires. The red wire connects to a pre-existing switch source, and the black wire connects to a negative ground source. After completing this step, you will be able to power the light on.

A Built in controller is included for changing the flash pattern, and powering the light on and off.

Deck 2 Dual Controller

Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics with any issues regarding the installation or wiring of Deck 2 Dual LED lights.

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