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Fox Trot Model B Installation Instructions

You can install the Fox Trot Model B dash light with a cigarette lighter plug, or hardwire the dash light to a pre-existing switch. We have designed the Fox Trot to be easy to install and use. Detailed instructions for both types of installation are included here.

Prepare for the Installation Project

Installing your Fox Trot Model B dash light is easy, but you need to prepare for it properly. To do this, you will need to gather the contents of the package, all your installation accessories, and the light’s installation instructions. If you have any questions about how to install the light, or how to proceed with any part of the installation process, it is best to consult a professional. We highly recommend all of our emergency vehicle lights be installed by an emergency vehicle light technician (EVT) to protect your warranty and ensure proper installation. Improper installation of the light could prevent it from working properly in the future.

Install a Fox Trot Dash Light Model B with Cigarette Lighter Plug

  1. Locate Fox Trot’s cigarette lighter plug
  2. Plug into a vehicle’s adapter
  3. Turn light on (switch located on cigarette lighter plug)
  4. Attach suction cups
  5. Install light in an interior windshield
  6. Organize wires to avoid an obstructed view

Hard wire a Fox Trot Dash Light Model B to a Vehicle’s Electrical System

  1. Remove dash light’s cigarette lighter plug (do this carefully)
  2. Locate red and black wires (easy to see when plug is removed)
  3. Run black (ground) wire to battery’s negative terminal
  4. Install red cable
  5. Ensure switch box is wired correctly
  6. Install Fox Trot suction cups
  7. Install dash light in window
  8. Organize wires, cables, and equipment for ease of use

Make Sure to Test Fox Trot Model B Before Installation

To avoid potential problems later, make sure you know the Fox Trot dash light model B is working properly before you begin installation. This can be done easily via the cigarette lighter plug and vehicle adapter.

Fox Trot Model B Should be Installed by Professional

The Fox Trot Model B is a professional-grade emergency light and should be installed by a pro. Whomever installs your dash light should have a working understanding of vehicle’s electrical systems. Improper installation could void the manufacturer warranty.

If you have any questions about Fox Trot dash light installation, please contact us directly.

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