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Halo 6 TIR LED Grille and Surface Mount Light Wiring and Installation Guide

These surface mount lights are professional grade units with high-intensity LED lights. To ensure your emergency vehicle lights are installed properly, we encourage you to have them professionally installed by a certified EVT.

Halo LED 6 Surface Mount LED Light Installation Guide

  • Step 1: Unbox Halo LED 6 lights
  • Step 2: Gather tools needed to install emergency lights
  • Step 3: Choose mounting location
  • Step 4: Check that the chosen mounting location will not cause any obstructions or interfere with airbag deployment
  • Step 5: Mark mounting holes
  • Step 6: Drill holes for mounting with appropriate drill bit
  • Step 7: Drill a smaller hole for wires to pass through
  • Step 8: Carefully de-burr all holes
  • Step 9: Pass wires through centered hole
  • Step 10: Attach Halo 6 with mounting hardware
  • Step 11: Move onto wiring instructions

Halo LED 6 Basic Wiring Instructions

The Halo 6 LEDs are easy to install, can change flash patterns, and can be synchronized or programmed to alternately flash. To power the units, you will need to locate the red and black wires. The red wire is the positive wire and should be connected to an appropriate switch box. The black wire is the ground wire and should be connected to a negative battery terminal.

Halo LED 6 Flash Pattern Instructions

After you have powered the Halo 6s, you can check out all the flash patterns. To do this, tap the blue wire to the black wire quickly. As you quickly tap the wires, the light will cycle through its 26 flash patterns.

Halo LED 6 Synchronization Instructions

The Halo LED 6 surface mount lights can be synchronized together. To do this, you will need to cycle through flash patterns (tap blue wire to black wire) until you reach the steady burn flash pattern. When you arrive at the steady burn flash pattern, you will need to connect the wires of all synchronized surface mount lights together. When connecting wires together, you need to connect red wires, black wires, and lastly blue wires.

Halo LED 6 Alternate Flash Instructions

If you want to program your Halo LED 6 surface mount LEDs to flash alternately, you will need to designate one light a master and the other a slave. This can be done by cycling through to the unit’s steady burn flash pattern. From the steady burn flash pattern, hold the blue wire to the black wire for three seconds. You will have successfully designated the lights properly when the LEDs on the Halo 6s light up at the same time. After this step, you will need to connect all wires of the units. First, connect the red wires. Then the black wires, and finally the blue wires.

Halo 6 LED Troubleshooting Tips

All of our Halo 6 LED lights are tested prior to shipment. If you are having issues installing or wiring these emergency lights, you should try to repeat the guides mentioned above. The majority of installation and wiring issues arise from improper battery connections or wiring issues. Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics if you have any issues with your Halo 6 LEDs.

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