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Halo 8 TIR LED Grille and Surface Wiring and Installation Guide

To protect the integrity, safety, and endurance of your emergency vehicle light set-up, we recommend you have the Halo LED 8 lights installed by an EVT (emergency vehicle technician). If you have any questions or issues about the installation or wiring process, please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics customer service team.

Halo LED 8 Installation Instructions for Surface Mount Lighting

  • Prepare box contents for installation
  • Gather tools needed for installation
  • Choose an obstructed mounting location which will not interfere with airbag deployment
  • Hold surface mount light against vehicle
  • Mark mounting holes with marker (use paint-safe tape and mark mounting location on tape)
  • Use appropriate drill bit to drill mounting holes
  • Drill a centered hole for wires to pass through
  • Carefully de-burr all holes
  • Hold light against surface
  • Pass wires through pre-drilled hole
  • Install Halo LED 8 light with mounting hardware included with purchase
  • Begin wiring instructions

Basic Wiring Instructions for the Halo LED 8 Surface Mount Lights

The Halo LED 8 lights are syncable, can flash simultaneously or alternately, and come pre-programmed with 26 different flash patterns. After you install the lights on the interior or exterior of a vehicle, it is time to power the lights on. Instructions for basic wiring are below.

Powering the Halo LED 8 Lights On

To power the Halo LED 8 lights, you will need a switch source. You will also have to locate the unit’s red and black wires. The red wire of the Halo LED 8 is the positive wire and should be connected to the positive source on the switch box. The black wire is the negative ground wire and should be connected appropriately either to negative battery terminal, or a chassis ground. After powering the light, you can cycle through 26 different flash patterns, sync the lights with other units, and even program them to flash alternately.

How to Cycle Through Halo LED 8 Flash Patterns

The yellow wire of the Halo LED 8s is the flash pattern wire. To cycle through the lights’ flash patterns, you will need to tap touch the yellow wire to the red power wire. As you tap the wire, the light will cycle through its 26 flash patterns.

How to Sync Halo LED 8 Lights Together

The Halo LED 8 lights can be synced with many other units. For syncability, you will need to locate and wire the WHITE sync wire with the sync wires on the other units. For alternating the lights, send power to the white wire.

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