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Hornet 6 LED Mounting and Wiring Instructions

Hornet 6 Install and Wiring

Click to view the Hornet 6 LED Surface Mount

The instructions below have been created to help mount and wire the Hornet 6 LED warning lights from Extreme Tactical Dynamics. These surface mount lights are professional grade lights with high-intensity LED light bulbs. For proper installation and protection of your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty, we recommend the Hornet 6 lights be installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. If you have any questions or comments about these warning units, please contact our customer service team.

Hornet 6 Mounting Instructions and Tips

  • Choose mounting location
  • Make sure area chosen has no obstructions or won’t interfere with proper air bag deployment
  • Hold Hornet 6 against surface
  • Mark mounting holes
  • Set light down
  • Drill marked mounting holes with appropriate drill bit
  • Create a centered hole for wires to pass through
  • De-burr holes and remove any metal shaving remnants
  • Insert wires through centered hole
  • Secure light to surface of vehicle using included hardware
  • Move on to wiring instructions (below)

Hornet 6 Wiring Instructions

  • Locate Hornet 6’s red and black wires
  • Connect red wire to pre-existing switch box
  • Connect black wire to ground chassis or negative battery terminal

Hornet 6 Flash Pattern Cycling Instructions

  • Follow power instructions
  • Tap yellow pattern wire to power wire to choose a flash patterns

Hornet 6 Syncability Instructions

  • Connect White Sync wires together.

Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics with any troubleshooting issues regarding the mounting or installation of Hornet 6 LED surface mount lights. If customer service is closed, you can try repeating the mounting and installation steps mentioned above while paying special attention to wiring and battery connections.

 Click to view the Hornet 6 LED Surface Mount