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Hornet 8 LED Light Installation and Basic Wiring Guide

Hornet 8 Installation and Wiring

Click to view the Hornet 8 LED Surface Mount

The Hornet 8 LED surface mount lights from Extreme Tactical Dynamics are professional grade emergency vehicle lighting equipment created with high-intensity LEDs. Your safety and the functionality of these lights depends on proper installation. For this reason, we recommend all of our LED lights and accessories be completed by a certified EVT.

  • Step 1: Choose a mounting location for Hornet 8 LEDs
  • Step 2: Inspect area to ensure the light and its wires will not interfere with air bag deployment
  • Step 3: Further inspect area to make sure there is nothing that could be damaged by drilling
  • Step 4: Hold LED light against surface of vehicle
  • Step 5: Mark mounting holes
  • Step 6: Set light aside
  • Step 7: Choose appropriate drill bit
  • Step 8: Drill mounting holes
  • Step 9: Drill additional centered hole for wire passage
  • Step 10: De-burr all holes
  • Step 11: Pass wires through centered hole
  • Step 12: Use included hardware to secure light to vehicle’s surface
  • Step 13: Prepare to wire the Hornet 8

Hornet 8 Basic Wiring Instructions

To power the Hornet 8 emergency light, you will need to locate the light’s red and black wires. The red wire will connect to a pre-existing switch box, and the black wire connects to a negative battery terminal or chassis ground.

Hornet 8 Flash Pattern Cycling

You can cycle through the Hornet 8’s 19 flash patterns by using the yellow wire and tapping it to the red power wire.

Hornet 8 Lights are Syncable

The Hornet 8 surface mount LED can be synced with up to 19 other units. To sync lights together, wire the white sync wires together. To alternate the lights, provide power to the white sync wire.

If you have any issues installing or wiring the Hornet 8 surface mount LEDs, contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ customer service team.

Click to view the Hornet 8 LED Surface Mount