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Stealth 3 TIR LED Visor Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

The LED Stealth 3 visor light bar is designed for interior installation. This emergency light comes with a digital controller and cigarette lighter plug. We highly recommend this warning light be installed by a certified EVT for proper installation and warranty protection.

How to Power the LED Stealth 3 Visor Light

The LED Stealth 3 visor light can be powered via the included cigarette lighter plug, or hardwired to a pre-existing switch. To power the unit via the cigarette lighter plug, you will need to plug it in to a 12-volt adapter. When wiring to a switch box, connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to a ground such as the negative battery terminal or a chassis ground. We recommend you test the light prior to installation, even if you are going to wire to switch box, to make sure the unit is operating properly.

How to Install the LED Stealth 3 Visor Light

Visor Mount Clip

Installing the LED Stealth 3 visor light is easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Locate factory installed visor clips in your vehicle (some vehicles will have 1 and others will have more)
  2. Loosen visor clip screws. If loosening screws won’t allow you to slide mounting clips under bracket, you will need to remove visor completely
  3. Install clips under loosened visor
  4. Slide the clip under the bracket and tighten securely
  5. Ensure light is level
  6. Repeat process until light is level

Tips: If you are having a hard time making the light level, you may need to bend the visor clips or create custom mounts.

We’re here for you after the sale! If you experience any issues installing or wiring your LED Stealth 3 visor light, let us know. Most installation issues are related to battery or switch box connections. Repeating the installation steps provided above while making sure your battery or switch box connections are correct can usually alleviate any issues. If you have troubleshooting questions or would like to discuss a particular issue with our team, please feel free to contact us.

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