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Stealth 6 Linear LED Visor Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

The LED Stealth 6 visor light can be wired to a switch box or siren box, or can be used via the supplied cigarette lighter plug. To protect your warranty, we recommend this visor light and all others in our online store be installed by an EVT.

Things to Know Before You Begin

Before you begin installing or wiring your new LED Stealth 6 visor light, there are a few things you need to know. First, this visor light is intended for interior use only. Secondly, it is important to test the light before you begin the wiring or installation process. Most installation errors can usually be traced back to the battery connection or wiring. By testing the light before you begin either of these processes, you can easily troubleshoot issues later.

*Note the image above applies to the Stealth Commander, Stealth 6, and Stealth 4. Colors and amount of light modules may differ from what you see displayed.

LED Stealth 6 Visor Light Clip Installation

The LED Stealth 6 visor light comes with visor clips for installation. These visor clips are universal and will work for most installations. However, since not all vehicles are made exactly the same, you may need to modify or adjust the clips when installing your emergency light. In total, the installation process should take 5 to 10 minutes.

Install Visor Clips in Headliner

ETD Stealth mounting pic 3 The first step is to install the visor clips, included with purchase, in your vehicle’s headliner. In some vehicles, you may only need to loosen visor screws to insert the visor clips. If this isn’t possible in your vehicle, you will need to remove the visor screws altogether. After the visor clip is inserted in the headliner, you are ready to install the light in the brackets created by the clip. Next, make sure the light is level. At this point, you may need to adjust the clips until the light is level.

Power LED Stealth 6 Visor Light with Cigarette Lighter Plug

We created the LED Stealth 6 visor light to be easy to use and power. This visor light comes with a cigarette lighter plug, which allows you to plug it in and start using it right away. The cigarette lighter plug can be plugged into any vehicle’s adapter. The digital control box has an LED indicator, which allows you to easily power the light on and off and cycle through flash patterns.

Troubleshooting Visor Light Installation

Following the installation steps and tips above should allow you to install your visor light properly. If you have any problems installing your light, you should repeat the steps mentioned above. If repeating installation steps doesn’t fix your problem, please contact us for further assistance.

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