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LED Stealth Commander Installation and Wiring Guide

The use of Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ LED Stealth Commander does not guarantee drivers will or can observe or react to the emergency light. It is important for emergency vehicle drivers to never take the right-of-way for granted. The effectiveness of the LED Stealth Commander weighs heavily on the proper installation and wiring of this emergency light. To help you ensure proper installation, we recommend you read the manufacturer’s instructions below, and have the unit installed by an emergency vehicle technician (EVT).

LED Stealth Commander Installation and Mounting Instructions

The LED Stealth Commander comes with a passenger and driver side unit. The instructions below must be completed equally on both components of the light. Below are tips that will help you install this visor light right away.

  • Light’s inner and outer mounting brackets may need to be trimmed to fit your vehicle’s headliner
  • Visor light must be level

Step 1: Remove the vehicle’s plastic outer visor pivot brackets

Step 2: Remove vehicle’s plastic inner visor clips

Step 3: Insert visor clips included with purchase

Step 5: Hold passenger or driver side unit as closely as possible to the vehicle’s windshield in the desired location

Step 6: Insert mounting hardware

Step 7: Modify as necessary to achieve light level and location

Step 8: Repeat steps for other side of visor light

Step 9: Ensure the light is level

Step 10: Route wires as desired, move on to wiring process

LED Stealth Commander Basic Wiring Instructions


  • Large wire and tight connections will deliver longer life for components
  • LED Stealth Commander can be wired to a switch box or powered via a cigarette lighter plug
  • Use grommets and sealant whenever you have to pass through compartment walls
  • Reduce wire splices to avoid voltage drops
  • Use proper wire sizes
  • Protect wires from high ambient heat by using looms, cable ties, and grommets
  • Fuses or circuit breakers need to be as close to power take-offs as possible
  • To protect against shorts, you should install a switch box that is capable of 125% of maximum amp capacity

Step 1: Finish routing cables

Step 2: Leave an extra loop of cable to allow for changes in the future

Step 3: Connect red wire to positive switch box source

Step 4: Connect black wire to a ground such as negative battery post or chassis ground.

LED Stealth Commander Troubleshooting Issues

Every LED Stealth Commander is tested prior to its shipment. But, if you encounter a problem during installation, the problem may be related to battery or wiring connections. Almost all wiring and installation issues are traced back to the battery or wire connections when the steps are repeated. If you have followed the guides above and need further assistance, please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ customer service.

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