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Lynx L6-4 Linear Interior/Exterior LED Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

Print a copy of these instructions for future reference. Extreme Tactical Dynamics accepts no responsibility for proper installation, use, or wiring of this emergency vehicle light. We strongly recommend that all buyers/users have an emergency vehicle light technician install it in their vehicle.

How to Power the Lynx L6-4 Interior Light Bar

  • Locate cigarette lighter plug
  • Plug into vehicle adapter
  • Turn light on via on/off switch on adapter
  • Switch through flash patterns using switch on adapter

Wiring Tips for the Lynx L6-4

  • Ground light with black wire
  • Attach red wire to positive battery terminal

Mounting Tips for Lynx L6-4

  • Locate L-brackets included with purchase
  • Choose a flat surface on the vehicle
  • Attach lights with L-brackets
  • L-brackets allow the light to be angled
  • Use suction cups to mount to a window, if desired
  • Add an optional flashback guard

If you have issues or questions regarding the powering, wiring, or mounting of this interior LED light bar please consult an emergency vehicle technician.