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Orion 3 Surface Mount Wiring and Installation Instructions

The Orion 3 surface mount lights are built for interior or exterior installation. We encourage you to have these units installed by an emergency vehicle technician. An EVT is certified to repair, service, and install equipment on emergency vehicles, which will ensure your lights and gear operate correctly. Proper installation and wiring also helps to protect your warranty.

Step 1: Mark Holes for Mounting

Before drilling holes for your Orion 3 grille or surface light, you need to mark the holes carefully. Hold the light against a surface and mark holes. Make sure to choose a spot that is not obstructed or could be damaged by drilling.

Step 2: Drill Mounting Holes

After you have chosen a location to mount your lights, you are ready to drill permanent mounting holes. You will need two holes, and a centered 0.5”mm hole to allow wire to pass through. It is important to de-burr holes before moving on to step 3. This will prevent frayed wiring down the road.

Step 3: Pass Wires through Center Hole

Now, you are ready to pass the lights’ wires through the center hole. After passing all wires through, you are ready to secure the light to the surface of a vehicle with the included mounting hardware. It’s important to use the hardware included with purchase for proper installation. Screws that are too long or too short may not hold the unit in place or could cause damage.

Orion 3 Wiring Instructions

The first step to wiring the Orion 3s is to locate the unit’s red and black wires. For this installation, the red wire is the positive wire, and the black wire is the negative wire. The red wire must be connected to a positive terminal on a switch box and the black wire attaches to a negative terminal from the battery, or a chassis ground.

Cycling Through Orion 3 Flash Patterns

The blue wire of the Orion 3 is used for flash patterns. To cycle through the surface mount lights’ flash patterns, you can tap the blue wire to the negative battery terminal. This can only be done after the light has been powered on properly.

Synchronizing Orion 3s

If you want to synchronize Orion 3 lights together, you will need to power the unit and then tap the blue wire to the black wire. Doing this allows you to cycle through flash patterns as mentioned above. Cycle through the unit’s flash patterns until you reach the steady burn pattern. When you reach the steady burn flash pattern, you will have to connect the red wires of synchronized Orion 3 lights together. Next, connect the unit’s black wires and then the blue.

Alternating Orion 3 Lights

Orion 3 surface and grille lights can be programmed to alternate. To do this, you will follow all of the instructions mentioned above, except you will have to make one light a master and the other a slave before connecting wires. To designate one light a master and the other a slave, you will need to power the unit, choose the steady burn pattern, and then hold the blue wire to the black wire for 3 seconds. When all LEDs light up on the units, you have deemed one the master and the other a slave. After doing this, you are ready to connect wires of both units. It’s important to connect red wires, black, and then blue in that order.

If you have any issues installing or wiring your Orion 3 lights, check your battery or switch box connections. Almost all surface mount installation issues are battery or switch box-related. Repeating the installation and wiring tips above can help you find the problem and correct it quickly. If you need to contact us regarding troubleshooting issues, please feel free to do so.

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