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Orion 4 Surface Mount Wiring and Installation Instructions

The Orion 4 surface mount LEDs can be installed on the exterior or interior of a vehicle. Since the integrity of your emergency vehicle light set-up depends on proper install, we highly recommend the Orion 4 be installed by an EVT. If you have troubleshooting, installation, or wiring questions about this light, please feel free to contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics for further assistance.

Installation Tips:

  • Choose an installation area that is unobstructed
  • Consult vehicle manufacturer’s wiring diagram before beginning installation
  • Do not place in an area that could be effected by airbag deployment
  • To troubleshoot – repeat installation or wiring tips
  • Almost all wiring issues can be traced back to battery or wiring issues

Surface Mount Installation Instructions

  • Hold LED light against surface of vehicle
  • Check for obstructions
  • Mark holes
  • Drill mounting holes
  • Drill a centered 0.5” hole for wires
  • Pass wires through center hole
  • Attach with included mounting hardware

Orion 4 Wiring Instructions

Now that the Orion 4 is in place, you are ready to wire the unit. The first step in wiring is to power the unit. To do this, locate the red and black wires. The red wire must be connected to a switch and the black wire connects to a negative post.

Orion 4 Flash Patterns

The blue wire of the Orion 4 is responsible for flash patterns. To cycle through the unit’s flash patterns, you will need to tap the blue wire to the ground source.

Orion 4 Synchronization

Orion 4 surface mount LEDs can be synchronized together. To do this, tap the blue wire (flash pattern change wire) to the black wire, which will allow you to cycle through flash patterns as mentioned above. When you reach the steady burn pattern, you need to connect all the red wires of Orion 4s together. After connecting the red wires, connect the light’s black wires, and lastly the blue wires.

Orion 4 Lights can Alternate

Orion 4 lights can be programmed to alternate. Programming the lights to alternate requires you to follow most of the instructions mentioned above with one exception, you will have to designate one light a master and the other a slave. To complete this process, choose the steady burn pattern as mentioned above. At this point, hold the blue wire to the black wire for at least 3 seconds. When you have properly designated the lights, all LEDs will light up. When all LEDs power on, you are ready to connect the unit’s wires. To do this, connect all red wires, then black wires, and lastly the blue wires.

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