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Stealth 4 Linear LED Visor Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

We recommend you have your new visor light installed by an EVT. An Emergency Vehicle Technician is trained to install, service and repair emergency vehicles and their equipment. Proper installation will help maintain your warranty and will ensure the light works properly.

Important LED Stealth 4 Visor Light Installation and Wiring Tips

Since vehicles vary widely in design, you may need to configure the universal mounts differently than explained in the instruction below. In some cases, you may need to create your own custom brackets. This visor light is designed for interior-only use and is not waterproof. For this reason, we recommend it be mounted preferably in the front windshield of a vehicle. However, it can be installed on the rear deck as well. It is important to use the cigarette lighter plug attached to the light to test it before beginning installation.

Installation Time: 5 to 10 minutes


Powering the LED Stealth 4 Visor Light

The LED Stealth 4 visor light comes with a cigarette lighter plug attached. To power this unit, simply plug it in to a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter. Use the visor light via the digital controller included with purchase. After confirming the visor light will receive power, you are ready to install the light in your vehicle’s headliner.

Step 1: Locate Factory Installed Visor Clips in Vehicle

With the LED Stealth 4 visor light, you will receive universal visor clips to make installation simple. To begin installation, locate the factory installed visor clips in your vehicle. Not all visors are designed exactly the same. Some vehicles will have one screw in the visor clip and others may have more than one. Depending on the amount of space you have in your vehicle, you may only need to loosen visor screws. If loosening visor screws doesn’t allow you to slide visor mounting clips under the bracket, you will need to remove it completely.

ETD Stealth mounting pic 2Step 2: Slide Clip Under Visor

Now that you have loosened the visor, you are ready to install the clip that will hold the light in place. To do this, slide the clip under the bracket and tighten the clip securely in place. At this point, you need to make sure the light is level. If the light is not level, it may be necessary to carefully bend the visor clips to achieve levelness. This process can be repeated until the light is level.

If you have any issues with the installation process above, simply repeat the steps. Most light malfunctions can be traced back to wiring/battery issues. If you are still having trouble installing your new LED Stealth 4 visor light after repeating the steps above, please contact our customer service team for assistance.