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Surface Mount 12 Installation and Wiring Tips

These LED emergency lights are professional-grade LEDs, and should be installed by an emergency vehicle technician. Only an EVT is certified to install, repair, and service emergency vehicles and equipment. Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics, if you have any issues installing or servicing these LED warning lights.

Installation Instructions

  • Step 1: Unbox items
  • Step 2: Choose surface locations for lights
  • Step 3: Check for obstructions and airbag deployment areas
  • Step 4: Mark mounting holes
  • Step 5: Mark a centered hole for wire passage
  • Step 6: Drill marked holes with appropriate bit
  • Step 7: De-burr holes
  • Step 8: Check for metal fragments
  • Step 9: Pass wires through centered hole
  • Step 10: Use included screws and hardware to fasten light to the vehicle
  • Step 11: Prepare to wire Surface 12s

Surface Mount 12 Wiring

Wiring Instructions

  • Step 1: Locate red and black wires of surface mount LED lights
  • Step 2: Connect red wire to pre-existing switch box
  • Step 3: Ground black wire

Cycling through Flash Patterns

  • Step 1: Follow instructions 1 to 3 under Powering LED Lights
  • Step 2: Tap yellow wire to power wire for approx 1 second to cycle through flash patterns

Synchronizing Surface Mount 12

  • Step 1: To sync these lights, connect the WHITE sync wires together.

Troubleshooting Advice

If you have problems installing or powering the Surface Mount 12 lights, you can try the troubleshooting tips below.

  • Examine wiring connections
  • Examine switch connections
  • Re-check battery connections

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