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Surface Mount 18 LED Grille and Surface Mount Wiring and Installation Guide

It is important to realize these professional grade lights must be installed correctly and efficiently to operate the way they are intended to. To do this, we recommend you hire an EVT to install the units for you. Improper usage, installation, or wiring of the surface mount LED lights could result in voidance of your warranty, damage to your vehicle, and even serious injury.

Surface Mount 18 Mounting Instructions

  1. Prepare contents of box for installation
  2. Gather additional tools needed to install surface mount lights
  3. Choose a location for the lights (make sure there are no obstructions, and wiring will not interfere with air bag deployment)
  4. Hold light on desired surface
  5. Mark mounting holes
  6. Mark a centered hole for wire passage
  7. Choose the appropriate drill bit to drill marked holes
  8. Drill a centered hole
  9. De-burr holes and remove metal fragments
  10. Pass wires through centered hole
  11. Attach surface mount light with included hardware and screws
  12. Move on to Wiring Instructions

How to Power On Surface Mount 18 Lights

  1. Locate red and black wires on each light you are installing
  2. Connect red wire to the positive switching source
  3. Connect black wire to ground such as negative battery terminal or chassis ground

Cycling Through Flash Patterns

You can cycle through all 19 flash patterns of the Surface Mount 18 lights. To do this, connect the lights’ yellow wire to the power wire for approx 1 sec. As you tap the wires together, the light will cycle through its flash patterns.

Syncing Surface Mount 18 Lights

You can sync surface mount 18 lights together. To do this,  connect the white wires of your lights together. Supplying power to the white wires will allow you to alternate the lights.

Contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics for needed guidance regarding the installation or use of the Surface Mount 18 lights.

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