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Choose the right Light Bar for the Job: Be Well Lit for Work or for Play

ETD has a wide range of light bars that will help you get the job done!  Whether you need to rush to an emergency “all lights” blazing or to direct traffic, we’ve got several that will ‘fit the bill.’  You might want to warn oncoming motorists or to have an abundance of light when you go Off-Road; whatever you need, we’ve got the light bar you want.  Our product choices are numerous, and the variety is large.  And remember, no matter what kind of light bar you decide on, depend on it having high-intensity LEDs that meet the highest standards in the industry, designed to last 100,000 hours.

There are minis and full sizes, too. Some are for either interior or exterior use because they are sealed with industrial-grade epoxy and meet SAE’s J845 & J595 regulations, and IP-67 specifications regarding particle and moisture penetration.  Do you want temporary or permanent mounts?  Some high-intensity bars have temporary mounts; they ‘pop’ on the roof with strong magnets; others use suction cups for interior attachment.

Chameleon 6 LED Traffic Advisor

When you think ‘Traffic Advisor Light Bar’, think Chameleon.  Why this name?  Because it changes from a Code Blue mode to an amber flashing traffic advisor with the push of a button.  This highly functional light ranges in size from 17 to 35” and has from 20 to 30 flash patterns in addition to the one that ‘moves traffic.’  There are choices galore: TIR lenses or Linear 1’s? Solid colors or split-color combinations? 48 Watts to 96 Watts?  Interior or exterior? Permanent or temporary mount? ETD even has two light bars with 1 Watt LEDs: the Ranger Hextag with 36 Watts and the Ranger Oktag with 48 Watts.  And...many of our FULL Size Light bars can direct traffic as well.

Full Size Light Bars are powerful with either 60, 70, or 80 Watts, range in length from 40” to 48” and flash an array of high-intensity colored lights (of your choice) in a  360° circle from the roof of your vehicle.  Designed with low profiles, all full size light bar purchases include gutter brackets for permanent mounting.  The casings are made of heavy gauge aluminum, sealed with superior epoxy and are 100% waterproof. They are powerhouses that come with Generation III 1-watt or Generation IV 3-watt LEDs; some light bars have additional functions with takedown and alley lights, are traffic advisors with combination of both LED wattages.  Shorter, less bright light bars could serve you well, but if you need a whole lot of bright, high-intensity light that is a pulsating beacon on the darkest, rainy nights, then a full size bar is your only choice.

Mirage 12" Mini LED Light Bar

We sell Mini Light Bars, if you don’t want as much light as larger bars afford. They are fantastic ‘attention getters’ because they are beacons of pulsating, flashing light from the roof of any vehicle making them favorites of security guards, firefighter volunteers, and construction and tow truck drivers.  A ‘mini’ light bar can be as small as just 12” long with 66 Watts all the way to 30” long with 162 Watts! Now that’s a ‘mega’ MINI! Like their big brothers they attach to the roof with strong magnets and can be seen for miles in a 360° circle. Pop them on when you get to the emergency, plug them into the cigarette lighter outlet, then switch them on, and you’ll be highly visible in an instant! The most amazing feature of the mini bars is how fast they can go into action and how much high-intensity light they produce.

One of the most functional features of Interior/Exterior Light Bars is that you can take them with you no matter what you’re driving because they are removable, high-intensity, high-performance lights. Mount them on the interior with suction cups taking only minutes to install.  The smallest 9” has 24 watts, the most powerful light with 144 watts is 39” long.  Some come with Generation III 1-Watt LEDs others with Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs.  You can choose Total Internal Reflectivity (TIR) or Linear 1 lenses. The swivel design on the suction cup brackets insure a perfect fit. There are from 19 to 30 pre-programmed flash patterns; all models come with pattern memory as do ALL ETD products. Interior/Exterior Light Bars are powered by the cigarette lighter power for a quick, easy ‘Mount and Go’ setup to get the job done!  But after work, you just might like one of ETD’s OFF-Road light bars; there’s a huge selection to choose from.

Navigator 40 Hybrid Off Road LED Light Bar

Do you need a phenomenal light bar for your Recreational Off Road Vehicle or for an ATV or even for a truck or utility vehicle that you drive? Do you need ‘daylight’ after dark to see what you’re doing? There are several powerful light options for off road vehicles & ATVs that will certainly ‘KEEP the area in front of you WELL LIT.’  Our Off Road LED Light Bars and Work Lights are designed with 4 to 100 LED bulbs, each with either 3, 5, or 10 watt capacity. A top priority is to keep an area bright and safe at night whether it’s at the scene of an accident where every second counts or at a construction site. Even if you’re a customer who works hard and plays hard and just having some well deserved ‘Off-Road’ fun, you must keep it safe! ETD light bar designs are configured with flood lights, spot lights, and hybrids some with both floods and spots. Our light bars illuminate wide areas without heating up or draining the battery and will provide all the light you’ll want to stay safe and be seen after the Sun goes down.

So when it comes to choosing the light bar that’s just RIGHT FOR YOU...ETD has it!  There are lots of choices to make: What Length? Inside or Outside? How many Watts? Permanent or Temporary Mount? Pop-On and Go? Traffic Advisor, Takedown Light, or Both?  TIR Lense or Linear 1? Choose solid colors or color combinations.  One thing is for sure...ETD has all its light bars at rock-bottom prices, prices that are hard to beat!  Our highly trained team will be more than glad to help you select just the right light bar for your needs.  With so many, many options, it’s easy to understand that you just might have a few questions and could be a bit confused! We’re here to answer any questions about our products, installation, and how ETD light bars will work for YOU!