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ET-7 TIR LED Dash LightET-7 TIR LED Dash LightET-7 TIR LED Dash LightET-7 TIR LED Dash LightET-7 TIR LED Dash Light
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About The ET-7 TIR LED Dash Light

The ET-7 TIR LED dash light was originally designed for the windshield, but this little powerhouse can be used in the rear or on the side of your vehicle as well. It’s got 7 Generation IV 3-Watt bulbs with the new Magnified TIR Lenses made of polycarbonate for superior visibility. These newly engineered lenses send the 21 watts even farther than the traditional TIR lenses. The configuration of the 7 lights is: 3 LEDs that are 3-Watts each to either side of the takedown light; the 3-watt takedown light is in the middle and has its own ON/OFF switch and can work independently. There are 26 different patterns which come with pattern memory. The dash light has a flashback guard that protects your eyes. A flash pattern switch and ON/Off switch are located on the back of the light. The ET-7 aluminum housing is held by brackets with suction cups that provide a sure fit and easy attachment and removal. The cigarette lighter power plug with ON/OFF and Flash Pattern switches can be hardwired permanently If you have a light or siren system already installed.


  • (7) 3 Watt Generation IV LEDs
  • Included Takedown Light
  • 26 Flash Patterns with Pattern Memory
  • Magnified TIR Lenses for Superior Output
  • Meets or exceeds J845 and J595 standards.
  • Meets California Title 13 requirements
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on LED Bulbs
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty on Components

Included in Box:

  • ET-7 TIR LED Dash Light
  • 2 Brackets with 6 Suction Cups
  • Flashback Guard (Removable)
  • Attached 12' power cord (including cigarette lighter plug with attached on/off switch and pattern selector)

There are 5 solid color options and 2 split-color combinations to select from giving you the best colors choices for your particular task. First-responder volunteers have often bought the ET-7 for their very first light because they get so much for their money. Time and time again our customers give the highest praise for the brightness of the ET-7. One police officer reports that his sergeant made him turn it off because it was so bright!


13.5"L x 4"W x 1.5"H
ET-7 Dimensions

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I was skeptical when I purchased the ET-7. Having been a past owner of talons and FS Vipers I doubted this light could compare. It's better. $50-100 less, brighter in the daytime (unbelievably bright), good pattern selection and far less flashback than either of the lights I mentioned. Off-axis viewing is not as good but its strongpoints more than make up for that. Highly recommended.

Rated by Scott

Wow is all I can say. By far the brightest light I have ever seen in my life. There is absolutley no comparison between this light and any other on the market place. The take down light is just plain sick. I would compare the light output to that of my strobe bar on the top of my patrol car.

Rated by Robert

this is THE best and BRIGHTEST dash light i have ever seen!!! if you have a car or suv with window tint, no problem. shines through tint with ease.

Rated by phillip

I purchased two sets of the ET-7 from the Jupiter Florida distributor. They are fantastic to deal with, very cooperative and helpful. As for the ET-7 lights they are terrific. Vey bright and they can be seen from a very long distance in the daylight as well as in a heavy rain. They have several light sequence patterns which I have set differently for the front and rear of my vehicle. Pro: very bright, easy to wire, several light sequences, Can purchase in various colo I would purchase again, these are well constructed and a good value. I am presently looking at Extreme

Rated by Robert

This light is incredible! Seriously! Insane brightness lots of power! The center take down light is just unbelievable... I love it! My volunteer firefighter brothers are beyond jealous! Thanks ETD! Love my ET-7!

Rated by Stephen