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Multifunction 100 Watt SirenMultifunction 100 Watt SirenMultifunction 100 Watt SirenMultifunction 100 Watt SirenMultifunction 100 Watt Siren

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The Multi-function 100 Watt Siren features an all one control box and boasts high performance siren sounds including wail, yelp, phazer, horns, and mechanical tones. There are a total of 9 outputs that feature an individual fuse to protect against power surges, and allows for easy servicing of the unit.

An all in one control box is included featuring a total of 11 control buttons and 5 siren tone buttons. Two additional buttons control multiple lights with the ability to manage flash patterns as well. A three button memory switch allows you to program up to three settings, for whichever setups you use the most. A PA microphone is included.

  • All in one control panel with back light LEDs buttons
  • 12 VDC
  • 100 Watt siren
  • Connects by serial port with 15 feet of cable included
  • 20 backlit buttons
  • Built-in MicroChip processor
  • 9 pre-fused switches
  • 3 user programmable memory buttons
  • 135 stickers
  • Aluminum bracket
  • Features: Wail, Yelp, Phaser, Mechanical, Horn, PA

Keypad Dimensions: 6"(L)X 3"(W) X .75"(H)

Amplifier Dimensions. 7.5"(L)X 5.75"(W) X 2.25"(H)

Multifunction Siren Dimensions

This product is easy to install and use. It takes up very little space and programming the settings I wanted with the three pursuit buttons was a snap.

Rated by James