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Police Car Sirens

For professional-grade police car sirens, browse the available police car sirens at ExtremeTacticalDynamics.com before you look elsewhere.

Strobe LightsFeatures of Our Remote Police Car Sirens

Our remote police car siren has a number of unique features that are perfect for any emergency vehicle. The 100-watt siren includes multiple sound choices, three separate air horn burst sounds, as well as a PA system. It also connects directly into a CB radio. The back-lit remote control makes the siren easy to operate one-handed during any hour of the day or the night. These features make our budget-friendly remote police car siren ideal for any emergency, fire, or police department.

Best Ways to Use Our Police Car Sirens

Once you've purchased a set of new police car sirens for your squad cars, you still need to install them in the right place to make them most effective. For the safety of the officers inside the car, mount the police car siren on the outside of the vehicle in front of the passenger's side compartment. Not only will this protect the hearing of your officers, it will also make CB communication audible to the people inside the car.

Strobe LightsCombine Police Car Sirens with Light Bars

One of the best things about buying from ExtremeTacticalDynamics is our combination offers, allowing you to package a police car siren together with police car lights. The two most common combinations our customers choose is one of our great police car sirens together with a full size light bar with priority one optics, and the remote police car siren with an LED Dual with priority one optics. Contact us to find out what kind of package deals you can get for your police or emergency department.

With lights flashing and police car sirens blaring, you'll announce your presence undeniably, and you'll have the full attention of everyone around you. Since every police vehicle in your department must have a great police car siren, why not choose ExtremeTacticalDynamics' remote police car siren? Our police car sirens have the wattage you need, the variety of sounds for use in different environments, and a great alarm system that activates on first touch. When your department combines our police car sirens with our high-quality LED police lights, you will easily clear traffic and command the respect of the motorists around you.