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Police LED Lights: Advanced Green Technology for Law Enforcement Professionals

Police departments across the United States are looking for new and better ways to conserve energy and demonstrate environmental responsibility; police LED lights are part of these efforts. Used on vehicles and in hand-held devices as well as a part of stationary traffic warning devices, police LED lights range in configuration from small strobe installations to elaborate rooftop lightbars. Police LED lights offer significant advantages over comparable traditional emergency lighting arrangements, especially where space, heat production, and energy use are important considerations. For interior use, police LED lights produce less heat, keeping the passenger compartment of police cars far more comfortable than traditional light sources. Additionally, the reduced energy consumption required to power police LED lights ensures that energy-efficient vehicles maintain their environmentally friendly status even with constant or frequent use.

Police LED LightsEmergency Vehicle Police LED lights are based on light-emitting diode technology; developed in the early 1960s, LEDs are a product of electroluminescence, a chemical process that produces cool infrared light in a variety of hues. This technology makes it possible to produce police LED lights that are far lighter in weight and smaller than previous types of emergency lighting; this reduces energy costs by lessening both the weight and the drag coefficient of necessary emergency lights on the vehicle. Police LED lights offer greater versatility for lighting arrangements; since they use so much less energy, they can often be powered by a single small solar panel. This makes police LED lights a solid choice for permanent or semi-permanent traffic warning installations, since they require no external power source or battery replacements. Lightweight police LED lights can even be incorporated into handheld traffic advisors to guide traffic through intersections or around obstacles and provide clear, highly-visible warning lights with minimal weight, reducing fatigue and stress for police officers on duty.

Police LED LightsOne of the most common uses of police LED warning lights are as part of the familiar lightbars that are mounted atop most police cruisers; these red-and-blue emergency lights are instantly recognizable and provide secure, reliable early warning for oncoming traffic, pedestrians and anyone else in the area. Other police LED lights include takedown lights, which provide illumination in darkened areas and essentially serve as directional floodlights, and portable lightbars which can be placed in front or rear windows in order to pull over traffic offenders. In all cases, police LED lights serve as an alert to members of the public that law enforcement personnel are on the scene and ensure public safety as a result.