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Police Visor Light, The Perfect Undercover

Designed especially for undercover police operations, the police visor light offers a discreet and convenient way for police officers and first responders to notify drivers of an emergency situation and navigate through traffic smoothly and efficiently. In most cases, police visor lights are detachable and can quickly be installed and removed as needed; this makes them a valuable tool for stakeouts and other situations where stealth is preferred. LED technology makes the police visor light a practical choice due to its light weight and cool running temperature. Some police visor lights are permanently installed in the vehicle and require hard-wiring into the electrical system; portable models usually draw power from batteries or through plugging into the cigarette lighter of the car.

Police Visor LightWhile blue and red are the most commonly used colors for police visor lights and are usually associated with emergency services, police, and first responders in the United States, in western Europe, however, blue alone is used for emergency vehicles, with amber reserved for construction and road hazard warning lights. Red and blue lights are typically used for this purpose because blue light is easier to see at night and red light is much easier to see in daylight. By combining the two colors, police visor lights ensure the maximum visibility for drivers both day and night.

Police Visor LightWhile police visor lights are primarily used in undercover vehicles or to convert a private vehicle into a police vehicle temporarily, they are also sometimes incorporated into the interior of a police car permanently. This is usually due to aerodynamic concerns; by moving the lights inside the car, the entire vehicle silhouette is more streamlined, allowing higher speeds with less drag than would otherwise be possible. The police visor lights available from Extreme Tactical Dynamics range from easily removable models to permanently emplaced lighting solutions and can be purchased in a wide range of colors, including the standard blue and red police car configuration. Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers police visor lights for less, saving local police departments and first responders money on all their tactical equipment needs.