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Linear LED Dash Light - Fox Trot 16 TTLLinear LED Dash Light - Fox Trot 16 TTLLinear LED Dash Light - Fox Trot 16 TTLLinear LED Dash Light - Fox Trot 16 TTLLinear LED Dash Light - Fox Trot 16 TTL

Linear LED Dash Light - Fox Trot 16 TTL

Model: [ foxtrot16_tt ]
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About The Linear LED Dash Light - Fox Trot 16 TTL

One thing a tow truck driver can always use is ‘LIGHT’ especially at night, and lots of it! The Fox Trot 16 TTL (tow truck light) has 16 luminous 3-Watt Generation IV LED lights in two light heads. A powerful light spread of 48 watts is produced with Linear 1 Optics, so it illuminates the area with bright light. It’s a popular dash and deck light for the interior of construction machinery as well because of its low profile and compact size; it is only about 10” wide. So the Fox Trot 16 can be positioned in several locations around the interior. And it’s not only for the dash; it can be modified to become a visor light or can be mounted on a side window by using the included sturdy suction cup bracket. That’s a super practical feature for recovery and service trucks especially when dealing with vehicles thrown off the road. It’s got 30 flash patterns and flashed AMBER/AMBER, WHITE/WHITE, or AMBER/WHITE. Its practical design shows the flash pattern that’s ‘in use’ in LED lights on the back of the unit. The flash pattern and HI/LO switches are also located on the back of the case, so changing the intensity of the light or the flash pattern is quick and easy. The easy-to-reach controls on the Fox Trot 16 Tow Truck Light are powered by a cigarette lighter combination plug that has ON/OFF and flash pattern switches. The removable flashback option keeps your eyes protected from the intense light if you have to re-enter the cab of the truck for some reason. The Fox Trot 16 TTL is the perfect fleet car light for pilot car and roadside assistance companies because you can just pack it up and take it with you no matter what you’re driving.

Meets SAE Class 1


  • (16) Generation IV 3 Watt LEDS
    (Our competition uses 1 Watt LEDs vs our 3 Watt LEDs in this unit)
  • An adjustable removable flashback shield to fit most windshields 
  • Suction cup brackets for sturdy window mounting
  • The bracket can be removed for deck mounting 
  • Can be modified for visor mounting
  • A cigarette light plug with on/off switch 
  • 30 flash patterns and pattern memory 
  • A hi/lo power option to increase visibility when needed 
  • Syncable with up to two additional Fox Trot units
  • Guide LEDs on the back of the unit show you the current pattern
  • Quick access buttons on the rear to change power, pattern and hi/lo function
  • Meets or exceeds J845 and J595 standards.
  • Meets California Title 13 requirements

Easy plug and play use, but with the functionality of a high-end light bar, the Fox Trot is available in all popular color variations.  This unit can also be direct wired to existing switch boxes or siren units.


  • 5 Year Warranty on All Emergency Vehicle Lighting Products*

Included in Box:

  • 1 Fox Trot 16 Linear LED dash light 
  • 1 set of suction cup brackets 
  • Attached 10 feet of power cord (including cigarette lighter plug with on/off switch and pattern selector)
  • A sync wire 
  • Removable/adjustable flashback shield 

If you are looking for a permanent light, no problem. The Fox Trot 16 TTL can be hardwired and synchronized with other units already installed. The Sync option can also be used to coordinate flash patterns on multiple units. Its practical, versatile design makes it a great single light to buy or ‘an additional’ light if you just want more illumination for your tow truck.


10.5"W x 1.5"T x 2"D
Fox Trot 16 Linear LED Dash Light Dimensions


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