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True Importance of Emergency Police Lighting

Emergencies are often associated with adverse weather conditions. Sometimes the weather has actually caused the emergency, or it may just be an unlucky coincidence. For whatever reason, it’s a fact that when a situation comes up requiring emergency police, they rarely have good visibility to do their job.

Emergency PoliceFog and precipitation can cost lives. Emergency police are usually trying to get people out of the affected area and direct them to a safer place, and they often find themselves hampered by fog and precipitation. Lights are also needed to warn people away from problem areas. In some situations, emergency police are trying to find people and get aid to them, a job that requires plenty of light.

In other instances, dependable lighting is needed to make a place highly visible and keep out vandals or looters. For this function, lighting is needed that is bright and shining from more than one direction to eliminate shadows.

Lighting is also needed to simply identify emergency police and let people know where they are. Besides the official vehicles that need to be identified, it may be necessary to use a bright light as a beacon to establish a gathering point. Medical facilities can be brightly lit to make them easier to find in chaotic situations.

Emergency PoliceEmergency police lighting is specifically made for all these jobs. Lighting units come in a range of sizes, shapes and functions for different uses and modes of deployment. In places where they must be left in place for some time, lights are made that attach with bolts or can even be welded onto a metal surface. In other places where lights must be placed or removed at a moment’s notice, there are models that attach with magnets or rubber suction cups.

All these units now use LED lighting elements rather than incandescent bulbs. The brightness of these elements, sometimes maximized by a technique called priority one linear optics, makes them perfect for penetrating fog, precipitation or smoke.

However, all LED emergency police lights are not the same. Some manufacturers cut corners by using plastic for the cases rather than metal. These units do not have a good track record in tough emergency situations, so they should be avoided. There are emergency police lights on the market that have strong metal cases, and these will more than pay for themselves in added lifespan.