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Uses for LED Light Bars

LED Light BarsThe LED light bars are a special kind of electrical lights that are characterized by being stretched out and containing a series of “bulbs”. A LED light is a cost-effective way for home owners to light up their homes. Since they are designed to conserve energy, they are also beneficial to the environment. The LED lights are also employed to light the insides of household items, like freezers, and cabinets. On the road, LED lights serve as emergency lights for stranded motorists. These light emitting diodes (LEDs) are also becoming exceedingly popular with various agencies for use on their marked cars. The LED light bars are fast becoming the norm for use on different first responder vehicles due to the numerous beneficial factors they offer. Some of the benefits are that they're energy efficient, economical, and require very little (if any) maintenance.

LED light bars do not have any moving parts and the light sources can provide up to 100,000 hours of burn time. Many agencies plan on having the bars last through the life of four to five cars, depending on the speed at which the car collects mileage. To put this in more comprehensive terms, assume that a LED light bar were left on for ten hours every day for a full year, they would still be on after 27 years!

LED Light BarsEven more important is the fact that a patrol car does not have to suffer from downtime due to the light bar not working. This is especially significant for smaller departments where the number of cars available in a pool is limited. The Emergency LED light bars do not contain any moving parts or motors so there is nothing that can break down. The LEDs themselves are long lasting, so there is no need for bulb replacements.

The newest generation of LED light bars require very little power, as compared to conventional rotating halogen light bars. This is especially beneficial for police vehicles. Fleet managers sometimes have to modify battery systems just to keep up with the demand for power. Despite having engines on and alternators at full output, some old lighting systems needed more energy, which had to come from the battery. This left batteries drained. Since, the LED light bars require one fourth to one fifth less power, this leaves the police vehicle within the range of the standard fitted electrical system.

Another added benefit of the Police LED light bars is the semi stealth capabilities, yet enhanced visibility. The LED is colorless itself when it is not lit and the lens covering LED elements are normally clear; this combination makes the LED light bars almost unnoticeable in traffic. Yet, when the bar is on, the LED lights are very bright, making them very visible even in sunlight. Additionally, LED lighting can be controlled electronically, as well as, optically; this means a good distribution of light can be attained without the use of cumbersome mirrors or reflectors. This makes it possible for the height of LED bars to be minimized, making the police cars more aerodynamic. The sleek low-profile bars also leave plenty of space for other police equipment, such as sirens or speakers.

When LED technology is incorporated in light bars, it is possible to switch the front and rear parts of the bars independently. This is especially convenient in situations such as motorway escorts, where the front illumination can cause unnecessary distraction. The LED light bars can be custom designed to provide light in amber, blue, white, and red colors without having to insert a colored lens, making them ideal for police or other protective services use.

For departments considering switching to LEDs, it is important to take a good look at the control head, the unit controlling siren, and light-bar functions. In some situations it is possible to use the existing unit with the new LED bar. If this is the case, then a lot of money can be saved. Another consideration to keep in mind is the service life of the current fleet. If the light bars are phased as cars are replaced, then a significant amount of the labor costs can be reduced. The use of LED bars provides a win-win option, due to their lower energy consumption, fuel efficiency, and stealth factors.