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Wig Wag Lighting Systems

Throughout most of the United States, wig wag lighting systems are reserved for emergency services vehicles and, in some cases, school buses. Wig wag systems allow the headlights of these vehicles to flash in a specific pattern; some wig wag devices blink both headlights at once at a predetermined rate, while others alternate or go through a series of patterns in order to best enhance visibility and identify emergency vehicles on streets and roadways. Wig wag devices are not actual lights in most cases; instead, they are control devices attached to the vehicle’s electrical system and can be turned on and off by means of a switch in the main passenger compartment.

led lightbarWig wag lighting systems are often used on unmarked police vehicles. Since they cannot be readily spotted on the exterior or interior of the car, they offer undercover police the lowest possible profile and lessen the chance of the vehicle being identified as a police car while allowing police officers maximum flexibility in tense and hazardous situations. On ambulances and fire trucks wig wag devices offer additional visibility, especially in daytime. The flashing lights and varied patterns that the wig wag devices produce are extremely effective in attracting attention; however, caution must be exercised when using wig wag systems at night, since they can sometimes blind or distract oncoming drivers.

led lightbarIn most cases wig wag strobe light systems require installation directly into the vehicle’s electrical system; this typically requires the services of an expert mechanic. Some wig wag systems, however, include detailed installation instructions and can be installed more easily. Most police, fire, and ambulance services use wig wag systems as an adjunct warning signal along with other types of emergency lighting. Extreme Tactical Dynamics can help your agency select the right wig wag systems, whether you need replacement wig wag devices or an entirely new installation.