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Halo 3 LED Strobe Lights
[Strobe Light]

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Halo 3 LED Strobe Lights
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The Halo 3 LED Police light and Fire light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

You are looking at the new Halo 3 LED light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics. This mini led light packs a super punch when it comes to LED output power.

The dimensions of this unit come in at 2.8" by a mere 2" making this LED light mountable virtually anywhere especially in restricted spaces. The lens is made of poly carbonate plastic making it almost impossible to break and is angled at 15 degrees putting the light where you need it. The unit is waterproof. This unit includes 19 patterns including 2 for steady burn (1 high power, 1 low power)


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HALO 3 Dimensions
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