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Why do first responders use various colors on their vehicles? So, they can be seen on the road, of course. Studies have shown emergency and warning light colors are interpreted differently by drivers and pedestrians. The three most distinguishing colors associated with first responders is amber, blue, and red. By using these universal colors alone or in combination with each other, they can effortlessly warn drivers and pedestrians around them without having to interact with anyone verbally or physically.

The color amber is widely accepted as meaning caution or used to help direct traffic. On the other hand, the colors red and blue are widely accepted as being a sign of an emergency. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we realize departments and volunteers often have limited space and small budgets when it comes to outfitting their vehicles. Furthermore, we understand the need for one, two, or even three different warning light colors to be installed on a vehicle. For this reason, we now offer dual color LED emergency vehicle lights.

Dual Color LED Lights – Igniting the Future

Welcome to the future of emergency vehicle lighting – dual color LED lights.  With dual color technology, you can save space on your vehicle and money in your budget. Dual color LED emergency lights are innovative, bright, and will eventually replace older technology. The ability to use different light colors dependent upon a certain situation will change the world of emergency lighting, and keep first responders safer on the road as well.

Signature Dual Color Surface Mount LEDs

We’re constantly researching new technology and strive to offer the newest and best options to our customers. The Signature Dual color LED Surface Mount Light series is exactly the kind of technology that gets us excited. It is one of the newest additions to our online store. The impressive grille and surface mount lights are tough, weather-resistant, and designed to deliver pristine illumination any time of day or night. A polycarbonate lens covers the optics and prevents the light from yellowing over time while a rubber mounting flange allows for a flush fit on any vehicle’s grille or surface.

With the dual color platform, you can light up all your Signature surface mounts with the same color or choose alternating colors of your choice with the simple flip of a switch. The LEDs are pre-programmed with 26 strobe patterns and memory too. This innovation in one type of light gives drivers hundreds of combinations to choose from on the road.

Dual Color Traffic Advisors

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Not only are is this technology available in surface mount lights, but it’s available in our traffic advisors too. Whether a police officer is parked near the roadway to protect utility workers, or a tow truck driver is using the light to caution drivers that they need room on the road, this warning equipment is extremely important. Our dual color traffic advisors give drivers even more options than they had before. How’s that, you ask?

LED traffic advisors allow drivers to have warning lights and a directional amber arrow in the same unit. There’s no cool down period before or after the switch. Simply flip a switch and change the colors in the warning light to fit your situation. The LED warning light allows drivers to use flash patterns in their choice of solid colors such as blue and red or a combination of red and blue lights. The traffic patterns will automatically flash in amber.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics is constantly looking for new products to bring to the market. As soon as it was possible, we wanted to bring it to you. If you have questions about our new Signature dual color surface mount lights or our innovative traffic advisors, give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you in getting the LED lights you need at the best value possible.

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