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The Revolutionary Interactive BLAZE CORE™ Technology in the Blaze LED Visor Light Bar gives you THREE high intensity lights in the space of One! Generation IV, 3-Watt emergency LEDs have been reconfigured creating a formidable light force that shines brighter, farther and wider through TIR lenses. The Dual Color LED Technology allows the light to go from the split or solid emergency vehicle light color of your choice, to a FULL takedown with bright white LEDS to illuminate the entire situation in front of you.

Blaze Core™ 40 LED Visor Light Bar
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over $88
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The Powerful Multi-Color LED Visor Light Bar

We’ve offered affordable LED visor light bars for years and now we’ve gone a step farther. Our dual color visor light will blow you away. Packed with the latest technology, it's ready for just about any task you need it for. Choose your color combination from any of the standard solid and split color emergency light combinations. When you need to light up the situation in front of you however, the entire visor light bar changes to full white takedown mode. These LED visor light bars are the most powerful we have, and we know they will help keep you safe on the road.

Shop for Dual Color Visor Light Bars from Extreme Tactical Dynamics

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we have multi-color LED light bars available in color combinations, from solid to split color. These LED visor lights meet and exceed SAE and California lighting requirements. And, the equipment also comes with a warranty on the LEDs and the components. Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the right one to meet your budget.

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