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Customer Videos of LED Dash, Deck, and Visor Lights

If you’re a volunteer first responder but don’t want your POV to always look like one, what you need is a flexible emergency light setup that doesn’t permanently mount on your vehicle.  Or, if you’re a professional and always want more light with you no matter what you’re driving, then our wide selection of Dash and Deck emergency lights is exactly what you are looking for.  Extreme Tactical Dynamics has several interior light bars that vary greatly in size. Some extend almost the full width of the dash or deck, others are just inches long, but all pack a full strobing extravaganza!  They are attached with powerful suction cups which makes installation and removal ‘a snap!’ And they plug into the cigarette lighter plug where the switches are at arm’s length.  Just take a look at the impressive video demonstrations, so you can get an idea of how your POV or patrol car can be transformed into a flashing, high-visibility light show in minutes!

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