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65 Watt 2 Head Strobe Light Kit Wiring and Installation Guide

The 65-watt 2 Head Strobe Tube kit’s power supply is not waterproof. Since your safety and warranty depend on the proper installation of this unit, we highly recommend you have it installed by an EVT. If you have any questions about the wiring or installation of this light, please feel free to contact us today. Before installing this unit in an emergency vehicle, please be aware of the following cautionary information.

  • Mounting this kit in an improper location could impact safety in a collision
  • Consult vehicle manufacturer diagrams before beginning any emergency vehicle light installation to determine proper installation locations

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install power supply in a safe location
Step 2: Route conductor strobe cable from lights to power supply (don’t let cable bind or chafe)
Step 3: Make sure cable is not near any engine hot spots
Step 4: Ensure all female terminals are near the terminal and all male terminals are toward power supply
Step 5: Insert terminals on ends of conductor cables and into Tyco connectors
Step 6: Follow color code instructions
Step 7: Connect cables to both strobe light heads
Step 8: Connect cables to power supply output sockets

Powering the Strobe Tube Kit:

Step 1: Plug 3 pin harness into power input socket
Step 2: Ground black wire
Step 3: Connect red wire to proper switch box

Controlling Strobe Tube Kit:

Step 1: Plug 3 pin harness into control input socket
Step 2: Connect blue, green, and yellow wires to +V through fuse
Step 3: Provide +V to blue wire (activates outputs 1 and 2)

Strobe Tube Kit Pattern Selection:

Step 1: Provide +V to blue, green, and yellow wires
Step 2: Quickly tap violet wire to the ground wire to change patterns
Step 3: Choose required pattern
Step 4: Tape the end of the violet wire or connect to a switch box that provides +V when you want to operate the unit in low mode.

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