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912 Full size LED Light Bar Installation and Wiring Instructions

The 912 full-size LED light bar from Extreme Tactical Dynamics comes with everything you need to install and wire the emergency light right away. We recommend you have your full size light bar installed by an EVT. This is important because a certified emergency vehicle technician installation ensures your light will operate properly and helps to protect your factory warranty.

Light Bar Installation Tips

  • Light bar must be in full contact with roof and cannot be hanging off the vehicle’s roof
  • Most common light bar installation is above the b-pillars
  • Make sure light bar is facing the right direction before completing installation

Light Bar Permanent Mounting Instructions

  • Locate mounting foot and mounting plate
  • Install mounting plate on mounting foot
  • Install mounting foot on bottom of light bar
  • Position light bar on vehicle roof
  • Make sure there is no less than ½” clearance between the roof and light bar
  • Mark mounting holes locations on mounting surface
  • Drill mounting holes
  • Place light bar on vehicle
  • Insert installation hardware included with purchase

912 Full Size LED Light Bar Wiring Information

To power the full-size LED light bar, you will need to locate the unit’s red and black wires. The red wire needs to be connected to the unit’s switch box. The black wire is the negative (ground) wire for the unit, and should wire to the negative battery terminal or a chassis ground. Other wires included with this installation include white, blue, and green. The white wire is used to activate takedown or alley lights. The green wire is used to activate passenger alley lights, and the blue wire activates flashing takedowns.

Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about installing your new full-size LED light bar or any of our emergency vehicle lights.

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